Founded mid 2016 in a small bespoke workshop on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Accidental Vixen creates minimalist designed, hand crafted, sculptural jewellery in precious metals and gemstones.

The jewellery Accidental Vixen produce’s evolved with the realisation there was an absence of understated jewellery in precious metals that was affordable and hand made. Crafted, honest, paired down and easy to wear simplicity, Accidental Vixen has its roots firmly established in a love of old school manufacturing techniques and quality.

"Strangely enough I was never one to wear much jewellery...always felt too awkward. I could never find anything that I could relate to that was simple and effortless....until I learnt to make pieces that reflected the style I craved. Jewellery that was so easy and comfortable that one piece could pull an outfit together."

How it all started…I always knew I wanted to be a designer and can still remember the exact moment I decided. Sitting on the curb at the front of my parents house at the grand age of 7 declaring my even grander plans to my best friend.

A successful career in the fashion industry, working with some of Australia's top national brands specialising in design, manufacturing and retail spanning 25 years was realised from those childhood declarations. However, 2 years ago after finding myself disillusioned with where I was heading, I left the Ragtrade 7 years into my ultimate dream job to figure out “what next!”

Soon after, by accident or perhaps good fortune I signed up for a local silversmithing workshop. Perfect! A new skill and an outlet to challenge my creativity…I was instantly hooked.

A year in, I had begun to sell my work quite regularly and found myself daring to think, “there could be something in this jewellery gig!” Needing to find out if I had what it took, I decided to put myself to the test with a small product launch. Without delay an invite was sent to 35 friends. Eeek! It was head down butt up for the next 4 weeks. Constantly drawing on my design and manufacturing experience to make this event happen, but otherwise I was seriously winging it!
The OMG moment arrived. Would anyone like what I had made? Would they even turn up, let alone pay for my jewellery? To put this moment into perspective, I had completed a grand total of 64 hours of tuition. Two hours, each week, over four, eight week terms. Seriously who was I kidding?

I’d put everything into it, struggling with jewellery techniques way beyond my skill level and constantly trying to overcome the hurdles of an under resourced sole operator with a grand vision. But what a night! The overwhelmingly positive feedback and sales confirmed my instincts were right.

For the next 12 months the ranges were rebuilt, refined, tested and rebuilt again to what you can now see.

Accidental Vixen jewellery ranges are constantly evolving with new pieces appearing regularly.